Bro. Kim Hays

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Bro. Kim Hays has been here at First Baptist Church since June, 2015.  You can follow him on Facebook Kim and Janet have 2 daughters and their husbands, and one son.  They have five grandchildren.


Illa Moore

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Illa Moore has worked at First Baptist Church since September, 2008.  Illa has one son, Brian Moore and his wife Susan.  She has two grandsons, Nathan and Caleb.  They live in Texas. You can follow Illa at

Minister of Worship & Youth

Jeff Graham

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Jeff has been with First Baptist Church Perry since January, 2019.  Jeff plays the fiddle and guitar.  Jeff is married to Lori Graham and has one son Nathan.


Ralph and Janis Jones

Ralph and Janis are our Custodians.  You can follow them on Facebook  They have been serving here since June, 2017.  They have two daughters and their husbands, and four granddaughters.